Our international Team is offering their assistance to national and international buyers and sellers alike with a real estate transaction, rentals, property management and full relocation.

Buying a Property: WWLRE’s Team will help you identify your needs, conduct a personalized search for your ideal property, negotiate the price & terms on your behalf and supervise the transaction until closing. Our Team will handle the entire transaction until you are settled in your new home!

Selling a Property: WWLRE’s Team will perform a “Competitive Market Analysis” in order to provide you with the real “market value” of your property. Our team will then design a specific strategy to market globally your property and find a qualified buyer from all around the world. Our Team will then handle the entire transaction until your property is sold!

Real Estate Investment: WWLRE’s Team and OPISAS – our exclusive international partner for overseas investment present globally – will assist you by designing the right investment strategy, locate the right property, and conduct all necessary financial and feasibility studies in order to ensure a profitable return on your investment. Our Team and our exlclusive Parnter will represent you until closing.

Rental: Our team of expert will assist you in finding your best short term solution for your pleaseant staying in USA!

Property Management: Do you need an established brokerage to manage your property? WWLRE can help you locating the right tenants, manage the month to month operations, collect rents, make your real estate taxes’ payments, insurance payments, maintenance fees, handle property repairs, and provide you with a monthly and yearly accounting report to oversea your property activities.

Relocation: Would you like to relocate to Florida? Contact our office now !


Find my home:  Home is not  a simple word, it is the most important place where you can enjoy your private life with the best person close to you. That’s why you are ready to invest into this project, that’s why we are proud to become your partner into this.

Our Team is ready to support you in each phases, we need to meet your criteria to be able to provide the best advocacy in your project. To support you FIND your Home we will:

  • Size of your home: discuss with us your home requirements, including style, number of bedrooms and bathrooms and all other information that could be important for us to find YOUR home;
  • Location and Neighboorhood: Let us know your idea of community you are looking for including your idea of proximity to your workplace, schools, recreational facilities and other fundamental criteria for YOUR home;
  • Budget and other costs: review specific facts and financial alternatives to determine the price most suited to your financial abilities;
  • Lifestyle: to provide you the best and most suitable result we will need to understand your preferences (i.e. you do a lot of entertaining, do you love to guest your friends, do you have any pets and so you will love a large yard?)

Once we have tracked your desides and needs we will be able to guide into this pleasant journey. Discover all the common phases.

Sell my property: Since you are ready to sell your property you have founded your partner which will join you and support in all the phases of this process. First common target is to get you the best price with a zero-stress procedures during the time frame that meets your needs, in few words: Maximixe your investment!

To SELL your property we will support to define and planning:

  • Pricing strategy: to obtain the best and most rapid result is important to understand the current market and price trends to price your property;
  • Marketing strategy: Promoting your property is an essential part of achieving a successful sale and it is important to get it right from the start. Our platform and our capability to be present worldwide is our secret to success: making the best use of the multitude of tools allow us to showcase your listing and present it to a global market.
  • Staging and Availability: Staging strategies will boost final sales price and made your property available to internationals prospective buyers will be a plus. Remember that our Team speaks more than 10 language and knows how to interact with local and international investors.

First common target is to get you the best price with a zero-stress procedures during the time frame that meets your needs, in few words Maximixe your investment!